Prescription Management

Many hospitalizations are related to errors in taking medication.

Close-up photograph of daily dose blister packs

Gil Drugs' Approach to Prescription Management

  • Your medications sorted to your proper dose
  • No more hassle, no more stress
  • 28 to 32 individual detachable, portable blisters in a pack
  • Personalized & labeled
  • Available for pick up, curbside & delivery
  • All the customer service you’ve come to expect & deserve
  • Available for our Facility partner patients, too!

Our medication reminder system has added benefits, too! 

  • Filled directly by your pharmacist
  • Carry it with you to share exact medications being taken with health specialists
  • Cleaner than pill boxes

Please note: As with all medications, keep out of reach of children. Our blister packs are not child resistant.